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Deal of the week!!


Deal of the week!!

This week’s featured deal was a customer that had recently purchased a cargo trailer paying out of pocket.Almost immediately after doing so,the client realized that this may have not been the right choice as they needed the cash flow available and ready for the business they operate.Our client came to us asking for our services,and we were able to help.We provided the client with enough cash flow to operate their business without the stress of looking for alternate routes.In this case, the sale leaseback option was a perfect fit for our client who had a below average credit score along with a credit bureau that had no late payments.

  • Industry: Landscaping
  • Credit Score: 600
  • Equipment Funded: Cargo trailer
  • Equipment Cost: 6,750
  • ,Additional Collateral: None required
  • Deposit/Upfront: 0 (sale leaseback)
  • Homeowner: Yes

Amount Funded: 6,750
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