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Newfound Capital Corp.

At Newfound Capital Corp. we have a wide range of funding partners that allow us to provide capital to all sizes of businesses and give us the ability to work with all types of credit. In today’s business world we are faced with many challenges in running a company and require many types of financial tools to operate efficiently and keep cash flow positive. It doesn’t matter if you are buying new or used equipment, need re-financing to put cash back into your company or any other type of financing we have the solution for you. For more details, please click on one of the tabs below.


Equipment leasing is a powerful business tool that is very popular for all types of industries and companies.  It doesn’t matter what type of equipment you are purchasing, new or used, Newfound Capital Corp can help.  Are you tired of dealing with banks?  Do you hate the banks restricting you from growing the business the way you want to?  Does your bank have all the assets of your company and you personally tied up with your equipment financing?  These are just a few of the common complaints that we hear from business owners.  Leasing is an alternative to cash purchases and bank loans.  Leases provide a hassel free option for financing of assets for a predetermined period of time at a fixed monthly payment that meets your budget requirements. These assets are secured by the value of the asset and are normally purchased at the end of the lease for a predetermined amount and then the lessee takes ownership of the asset.  Consider the benefits of leasing before writing a cheque or drawing on your businesses line of credit to purchase your company’s next piece of equipment.  For more information please contact one of our experienced representatives.


Traditional equipment loans are usually used when dealing with specialized equipment that is not easily re-marketable.  Loans take into consideration not just the value of the asset but rather are focused on the financial environment of the company. With this type of financing structure the business retains ownership of the asset immediately.  This is a powerful financial tool and a viable alternative to paying cash.  As we say in the business “Cash is King” keep your cash in the company to secure yourself for those unexpected times.


Sometimes referred to as Sale/Leasebacks this type of lease will allow you to source additional cash for you business.   If you own or have significant equity in your equipment, property or buildings,  Newfound Capital Corp can help you leverage CASH for your company.  Do you need money to pay for those expensive equipment repairs? Do you need cash for the expansion of your business?  Has your industry slowed down and cash flow is weak?  Do you run a seasonal business in which you have exurbanite start-up costs?  This is how it works; the equipment is purchased from you by our leasing company at a predetermined value based on the current equipment market value.  An important aspect of this program is that you obtain the cash injection into your company without having affected the operations of your business.  Your equipment remains on site with you and its business as usual. There are many more reasons to consider re-financing with us.  For a more in depth discussion and free evaluation of your business please contact a Newfound Capital Corp representative today.

Lease Line of Credit

This is how a lease line of credit works.  If you are planning to purchase equipment over a period of time you should consider getting set up with a lease line of credit.  With this program you get approved for the total amount of your projected equipment purchases. There are many advantages to this program.  Such as, as an easy one time application process, flexibility to take delivery of your equipment when you need it, peace of mind that you have the quick access to the capital you require to grow your business, you don’t need to depend on your bank anymore to get the financing you require, this service is free of fees if you don’t use it, and very importantly there is no obligation to use these funds unless you require.  Apply today for your hassle free, no obligation lease line of credit.

Leasehold Improvements

Leasehold improvements are defined as modifications to a building and are sometimes a semi-permanent or permanent fixture to the property.  Some examples would be patio decks, draperies, built-in compressed air systems, partitions, counters, shelving, exhaust systems, etc.  This type of financing is typically very difficult to acquire for most businesses.  At Newfound Capital Corp we have the expertise and the ability to get you the much needed funds you require to do that next major renovation or upgrade.

Rental Conversion

Let Newfound Capital Corp assist you in analyzing the high monthly equipment rental payments you have been making and help you determine if it’s worth your while to lease this equipment and own it at the end of the term.  This program is set up for company’s find themselves renting equipment on a regular basis because it doesn’t make sense to own it.  With most rental companies a portion of your rental payments can be applied to the purchase price if you decide you want to buy the equipment and lease it with Newfound Capital Corp.  In this program the rental company would apply the credits and provide us with a purchase price in which we would finance for you over a specified period of time.  Unlike a costly rental you will own the equipment at the end of the lease term.  This program has proven to be very successful for companies who find they rent the equipment for a longer period of time than originally planned.  Contact us today or apply online.

Auction Sales

Buying equipment at auctions has become a very popular option for business owners in today’s market place.  Newfound Capital Corp has a quick and easy pre-approval process that many auction clients are taking advantage of today.  Don’t have your financing arranged?  Don’t miss out on getting that piece of equipment you had your eyes set on.  Let us provide you with the buying power to win that next bid.  Don’t let the competition out bid you at the next auction.  Once you are pre-approved all we will need is an invoice from the auction house and we can prepare express documentation so that you can quickly take possession of the equipment and put it to work making money for your company.  If you end up not purchasing equipment at the auction than don’t worry, your pre-approval with us allows you to buy the equipment at any dealer or private seller of your choice. Contact a Newfound Capital Corp representative today and they will be happy to explain the pre-approval process.

Private Sales

Let Newfound Capital Corp take the hassle out of private sale financing.  Private sale transactions bring a different set of rules and regulations that most buyers are not aware of.  We know that finding that perfect piece of equipment at the right price is not always available from a dealer.  One of the most common reasons a private sale transaction doesn’t complete is because the equipment is not free and clear of liens.  We perform the proper searches for FREE at the beginning of the approval process to assure that you are buying equipment that is not legal owned or encumbered by another individual or company.  At Newfound Capital Corp we make sure that you are protected from getting involved in a transaction that could have legal consequences.  With our vast knowledge in this area we can make this process easy and quick.  Contact a representative today for fast and friendly advice.

Payment Protection Insurance

Newfound Capital Corp recognizes that unexpected events can happen during the course of your lease or loan that can put you, your company and your family in financial risk.  You deserve to be protected!  Newfound Capital Corp offers a variety of payment protection options such as, Life insurance, disability insurance, critical illness and GAP. If you have an existing lease that you don’t have payment protection on, be sure to contact us and we will be more than happy to review your options.  Make sure you are covered for those unexpected events.  Your insurance premiums can be built into your lease payment which means one easy monthly payment that can be claimed for tax purposes.

Accounts Receivable Factoring

Many businesses and business owners face the challenge of finding the capital to improve or increase the cash flow of their business, especially when in a growth cycle. We understand these pressures, and our programs are geared to growing with you as a business. We can provide funding against your receivables where you sell to businesses on credit terms; this can include credit-worthy export customers.  Are your customers paying you late?  Are you struggling every week to pay the payroll and operating expenses because you are waiting to get paid?  For more information please contact a Newfound Capital Corp Representative today.

Merchant Financing

Many small businesses are ready to make the necessary upgrades to their operations to increase their ability to attract new customers. However, many have realized that short term financing options for their industry are limited.  Newfound Capital Corp can provide immediate capital to finance short-term investments and be paid back over a 12-month period, thus avoiding long-term debt commitments. Merchant Financing provides convenient access to capital up to $250,000, enabling more small business owners to finance their growth needs, stay competitive and enhance their businesses.

With our Merchant Financing program, small businesses will be able to obtain crucial financing to grow and compete with larger operations. We are excited to offer alternative financing options that will help the retail, hospitality and restaurant industry meet their needs, grow their business and be successful.

Equipment Bridge Financing

Many companies find they need a relatively short term bridge loan secured by real estate or equipment, or both. The bridge provides liquidity immediately, and then the bridge loan financing is taken out by more permanent financing at the end of the term of the bridge loan financing.  The terms of the loan can vary from 3-12 months and are renewable at the end of the term if the client requires more time to secure permanent financing.

Because the LTV (loan to value) ratios are lower with bridge financing than with conventional loans.  The key difference is the lender can dispense with the requirement for debt service coverage and cash flow analysis of the borrower that would be required with conventional financing.  With these covenants being waived you are able to obtain financing that you wouldn’t normally.  Advances are based on the appraised value of the assets.

Bridge Term loans are available where a company is able to pledge unencumbered Machinery, Equipment, Real Estate and other fixed assets.  Bridge loans are effective for financial restructurings, company and asset acquisitions and companies in rapid growth. For more information please contact a Newfound Capital Corp Representative today.

Mortgage Bridge Financing

Bridge financing is the process of obtaining temporary, short term financing to close a real estate transaction. Interim financing, also called bridge financing or a bridge loan, is often used by a company or individual who is requiring funds to develop property and/or construct a building.  They key element required in order to obtain this short term financing is that there has to be an exit strategy.  Exit strategy means having permanent financing secured to take out the short term financing once the construction project is complete.  Being able to provide proof that a property is pre-sold is a great and very common exit strategy. Another example would be if you are in the middle of selling your property and buying another property but you will not be receiving the proceeds for a few months then this program would work great for you. For more information please contact a Newfound Capital Corp Representative today.

Free Pre-Approvals For Your Upcoming Equipment Purchase

Newfound Capital Corp. has a wide range of funding partners that allow us to provide capital to all sizes of businesses and gives us the ability to work with all types of credit.

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